The Seeds

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Kiara Cornelius

It started as a gift to the small congregation of Seeds Of Faith Jewelry’s Chief Visionary Officer, Kiara Cornelius. A small container of mustard seeds was handed out to the members of her church in Atlanta, Georgia by her father-in-law, the church's elder. "I remember hearing everyone's murmurs of excitement as they were passed out. I felt an excitement from the Holy Spirit as soon as I held that container."
Kiara was then inspired to create gifts using her mustard seeds and glass vial pendants. "I began the line as small tokens of thanks to those who had poured into me during this chapter in my life. Little did I know that it would turn into my purpose and pull from me the divine gifts that I hadn't known I possessed."It didn’t take long for Kiara's simple mustard seed necklaces to inspire family and friends to purchase their own pieces to gift to their loved ones.
The line has now grown into a line of Prophetic Keys, bangles and other accessories that act as meaningful reminder that your faith, big or small, can still move mountains.

Seeds of Faith’s Jewelry acts as a believer’s outward expression of their growing faith and as a visual reminder to pursue their unique, divine purpose.

"This is such a meaningful bracelet and Kiara wrote the most special note! Looking forward to ordering more in the future."
Ellen M.
"Absolutely love the necklace! But what I love most is how personable this company is. Definitely needed the little message inside the gift I received. I will definitely order again! Thank you and God bless!"
Ashley S.